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                     Harry "eXeC64" Jeffery

     Hi, I'm Harry. Some of my work can be found on GitHub.


      Name: Harry Jeffery
  Location: England
    Skills: Bash, C, C++, Go, Haskell, JavaScript, Linux, Python
    MantidData analysis software for particle accelerators
    NH2First person horror game
    RosellaLightweight secure IRC server
    CSSRadarProof of concept cheat for CSS on Linux
    HexagonSuper Hexagon clone
    vtf2pngVTF to PNG image conversion tool
    HeliumOpenGL 3 based rendering engine

I'm a linux enthusiast with a strong passion for software
development. I've used Linux almost exclusively for many years,
and I'm right at home on the command line.

I'm constantly learning and trying to produce cleaner, simpler
code to solve complex problems in ways that are easy to reason
about. I believe that a good programmer is not one who can
create extremely complex software, but one who can take complex
problems and solve them with simple and elegant code that anyone
can understand.

Interested in hiring me? I'm seeking full time work in the London
area starting mid 2016.

Drop me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Areas I'm interested in:Building scalable web servicesLow level systems developmentOpen source developmentUnix based infrastructureData reduction and analysisEmbedded development


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